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We ship with Sendle, who subcontract to multiple suppliers, and for our express orders we use Australia Post Express exclusively. Based on this, shipping can take anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week, depending on which service you choose and where you live.

Yes! Our headquarters are in Sydney, NSW and we have physical stores all over the place!
We are an Australian owned, family run business based on the NSW Central Coast with physical locations as well as an online presence.

Yes! All our service work is done in-house. You will always speak to one of our staff, not an outsourced call center.
We are an Australian owned, family run business based on the NSW Central Coast with physical locations as well as an online presence.
That’s no problem at all! We have a very flexible, 30-day ‘no questions asked’ change of mind policy. As long as the goods stay in ‘saleable’ condition, and are returned with any packages/instructions/accessories, we are more than happy to provide a return, be it exchange, credit or full refund.
You sure can! Once your order has been processed, we will provide you with a tracking number so that you can track your order through the relevant shipping company.
If you can get in touch with us before we dispatch your order, no harm done! Otherwise, it’s a little difficult for us once your order has been dispatched. We will work with you, the customer and the shipping company as best we can to try and reach a satisfactory outcome.
You sure can! Although, for best results we recommend uploading as high quality an image as possible. As a general guide, 500x500 pixels is the general minimum for a personalised phone case. Try and steer clear of screenshots and the like as the results may not be as pleasing as a higher quality source image.
We sure can! We can print onto any colour with any colour. Our state of the art machines print a base layer before layering any colour on top, meaning colour is no issue.

These are just the internal names we use for our range of cases. They’re fairly self explanatory. ‘Matte’ means the case has a matte finish, ‘glossy’ denotes a gloss finish, ‘slim’ is a slimline, more streamlined option and ‘tough’ is the toughest/most durable of the range.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

We can only print what you send us, we cannot enhance, adjust, or edit your images, we may contact you and advise the image isn’t suitableand work out a “Plan B” but regardless, you have an unconditional money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase send it back to us within FOURTEEN DAYS of the date our tracking system has confirmed receipt (you pay the postage) and we’ll refund your purchase price in full.

Our money back guarantees do not apply to products that have been physically damaged (dropped doing their job protecting your device) but for any other reasonask for a return authorisation here and simply send it back!

What guarantees do I get?

Anything you buy from us has a minimum 12-month warranty. Remember everything we sell is either sourced from globally recognised leading brands or directly from selected manufacturers by us.

All warrantees have conditions, ours are simple...

I can find cheaper online

You may find cheaper the reality is can you find better and are you getting value for money?

In today’s global marketplace many supposedly Australian suppliers are in fact overseas companies with AU web addresses, prices in US dollars and hidden postage charges, let’s not mention the up to 4-week delivery times and no many back guarantee!

Let’s also keep in mind we are mobile device specialists with physical stores not sellers of promotional items that include phone and tablet cases like most online only offers.

Finally,and most impertinently we have spent over two years developing our processes, sourcing the right machinery (from industry leading US and German manufacturers who supply the Industrial Signage and Vehicle Wrap industries) and most importantly testing countless cases, constructions and inks for longevity and wear as well as environmental friendliness…. We use what we sell and do so with pride, as do our families and local communities that we continue to support in many ways… so please consider this before you decide where to spend your money.

The legal stuff

We print what you send us, so if you’re happy to have it on public display for all to see, we’re happy to print it (within reason of course!) We do NOT sell cases with other people’s trademarks or brands on them and pass them off as designer cases.

You pay us for the case, printer time, ink, our time to complete the job (some 3D designs can take up to 45 minutes!) and postage…. If you want to print a logo, registered trademark, sporting team emblem, cartoon character or fashion design for your personal use that’s between you and the trademark owners.

Ok so if I support you what’s in it for me?

Well apart from a protective case that offers the best in both quality and value, uniquely personalised just for you  and a money back guarantee we don’t just want your phone or tablet to be personalised, we want everyone’s!

Schools and Businesses

Contact us here for your corporate personalisation and mobile requirements. 

We can offer

Give me some ideas of what I can print.

Family photos are a favourite of course, especially

We can offer

Classic cars are another favourite as well as images that capture your favourite sporting team or children’s character, designer brands, patterns such as carbon fibre, woodgrain, even mosaics in fact anything you can capture on a Jpeg or PNG file.

Company or school logos and contact details including emergency contact details for children and elderly or those with medical conditions are another popular part of our service.

See our range of ideas here

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