Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Of Sale

Every transaction is entered into based on your entitlements at law. These terms and conditions of sale and those on the front of your purchase receipt are available to view at http://www.phonetabulous.com.au.  Nothing in these terms and conditions will override your legal entitlements.

We have obligations to our customers and staff to provide a safe and healthy environment so we may refuse service or ask a customer to leave our store/end a call if they are behaving in an offensive, threatening or intimidating manner.

We DO NOT refund or exchange any audio device (anything that fits over or in your ear) for any reason except for genuine warranty claims.

We will provide a refund, exchange or store credit for any purchase (excluding Audio products) up to 30 days from date of purchase for any reason if the item is unused, undamaged, and in the original packaging and accompanied by proof of purchase.

Any warranty claim may be subject to you providing your contact details, valid identification and inspection by the manufacturer, their agent or our service centre which may take UP TO 30 days. If you choose to not provide your contact information and/or do not allow us an opportunity to inspect the product we may be unable to process your claim.

Your warranty and entitlements do NOT cover fair wear and tear, physical or liquid damage (accidental or otherwise) misuse, abuse, failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions or tampering/attempted repairs by others.

If you are not satisfied in the way your claim or complaint has been handled in store or online, please contact our Customer Service Manager directly and allow for at least one weekday to reply on: –

1 300 PHONET (746 638) or help@phonetabulous.com.au


As a customer of Phonetabulous and The Personalisation Station and/or member of our Fan Club (Loyalty Programme), we collect and store any personal information you provide.

We may also use your personal information to develop products, customise services and plan marketing programs as well as notifying you of products or special offers that could interest you.

Your personal information will only be disclosed through our company and housed on secured data servers in accordance with our privacy and data security policies. This may include third party data servers.

Your personal information WILL NOT be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of marketing or promotional activities or contact.

Full details of our privacy policy and all terms and conditions of sale are available in store or on our web site atwww.phonetabulous.com.au

Customers may be asked to show photo identification when requesting a refund or making a warranty claim. This information will be administered in accordance with our Privacy Policy available in store and online at our web site.


If ANY goods or services are faulty or fail due to a defect in materials or workmanship, we will meet our statutory obligations to provide a remedy. Physical damage, either accidental or otherwise, misuse or failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions do not constitute grounds for a refund. We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind or have chosen a product that does not suit your needs (unless it was misrepresented by us at time of purchase) but may do so within 30 days of original purchase in certain circumstances as outlined in our detailed refund policy and on your receipt.


We will always use replacement parts that are either the same as those originally supplied in your device or of a commercially available equivalent to the original. We do not warrant that an original part will always be used in every repair.


We are committed to doing everything reasonably possible to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations, but if we get it wrong raised voices, threats or abuse will not resolve anything.

In accordance with our obligations to provide a safe and heathy workplace we have a zero tolerance to offensive, intimidating or threatening behaviour in store of any kind. Our staff may at their discretion ask you to leave our store immediately should they feel it appropriate and if you choose not to the Police may be called.

Our store is under constant Video Surveillance. Photography in store or of employees under any circumstances is expressly prohibited.

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